Soft and hard mattress choice: The importance of maintaining a foam mattress

About one third of a person’s life is spent in sleep. Sleep well and is closely related to health. According to one survey, a good mattress can make the sleep more effective, and a mattress that is not scientifically designed will make you “can’t rest. Is it a good soft bed or a hard bed? Is the independent spring in a bag better than a normal one-piece spring bed?

Some people compare the mattress to the heart of the bed. Whether the bed is comfortable or not depends largely on the memory foam mattress reviews. The soft bed and the hard bed are good, and many people are at a loss. The elderly and young people have formed two distinct camps. Most of the elderly firmly support hard. The bed, this feeling stems from the previous fire, wooden bed, and continues to the choice of the spring bed – the harder the better.

Tempurpedic foam mattress

Not too soft, can support the weight of the human body on average, and keep the spine in a normal curve. Human cervical, thoracic and lumbar There are 24 joints in the vertebrae, and there are fibro cartilage connections between these joints. The spine emits 31 pairs of spinal nerves distributed throughout the body to control various organs. If the inferior bed that sleeps badly all the year round, the spine will be misplaced, thereby stimulating the nerves and affecting organ function.

For ordinary consumers, what knowledge should you master when choosing a mattress? The choice of mattress cannot rely solely on self-feeling, too soft or too hard. Lying on a soft bed, although falling into a cloud, it feels very comfortable and relaxed, but because the support is not enough, the body falls into the mattress, causing muscle tension and back pain.

Is it worth?

So would a harder bed be better? You can do your own experiment. When you are lying on a hard bed, touch your waist and touch the mattress. You will be surprised to find that the waist is in a state of suspension, and the mattress is used for a long time. Not good for your lumbar spine. In this situation, foam mattress works like a remedy.

A mattress that is too soft, the person sinks down when the body is lying down. The spine is bent for a long time, causing pressure on the internal organs. It takes a long time, which is also unhealthy and uncomfortable.

How to find the Best Mattress for Couples

Choosing a mattress for just yourself can be an annoying task. Choosing the right mattress for you and your other half can feel almost impossible! There are many things you must consider when buying a mattress for the both of you.


You must balance both of your needs to find a mattress that will suit the both of you. And remember you need a bed which is big enough, suitable for private acts, and quiet enough that you won’t constantly disturb or wake your partner while you move or get up early for work. Yes. this may seem like a lot, but this should help you through the process.


Size Matters


You may like some space when you are sleeping, or you may prefer to cuddle up with your partner. Either way, the size of your mattress-inquirer matters.


Mattresses come in many standard sizes. We recommend that if two adults are sharing a bed to at least have a queen size mattress. This gives enough space for each person and no additional parties, such as children or pets, or even to spread out. Now a king-sized mattress can provide two adults with the same sleeping space as two twin mattresses.




Firmness can be a toughie, one of you may prefer a firm mattress, while the other prefers something soft. One of you may even have back problems, which means you should have more of a firm mattress. Even the fact if one of you prefers to sleep on their side while the other in on their back can cause some difficulty. So if you like to spoon a soft mattress is best for you! There are some more high-end mattresses which can be quite pricey which offer adjustable firmness on either side of the mattress, so you can both get what you want.


Motion Isolation


This refers to how well a mattress absorbs and isolates motion in the bed. So if your mattress has good Motion Isolation, you are less likely to disturb your partner while they sleep if you move a lot or get up in the middle of the night. If one of you are considered as a light sleeper, you may want to think about getting a mattress with good Motion Isolation.


Temperature Regulation


There is a lot of body heat when two people share a bed and that is a fact. Things can get quite hot and steamy and you do not really want to be sweating in your bed. So this is why some beds allow for ventilation and airflow, which can really help with those hot summer nights. Innerspring mattresses are the coolest. This is due to the coils support system which allows for the most ventilation, this is contradicted by memory foam mattresses which are more known to trap heat.

How to choose your mattress: selection criteria

Sleep is restorative when you sleep on a good mattress that gives you comfort. It is important to sleep well to rest your body in order to wake up very happy to cope with daily tasks. So, make a choice that meets the comfort needs you need for your body. But, faced with the variety of brands of mattresses and models that exist today on the market, many people are confused when it comes to choosing one. It is therefore with the aim of helping you that we expose you in these tempurpedic mattress reviews, all you need to know to make an optimal choice.

Spring mattress

This is a configuration is very common in the market. The spring intervenes in the suspension (we will talk about it below). This model is particularly suitable for people who sweat and manufacturers use different forms of spring for their manufacture. It can be mentioned, among other things, pocket springs, biconical springs and multi-turn springs. At this level too, it should be noted that each form has its particularities.

Latex mattress

It consists of a very well ventilated material and is therefore suitable for people prone to perspiration. When using this model, it offers various comfort zones with differentiated support for each part of the body (head, shoulders, foot, back, etc.). You will therefore be comfortably settled in your bed.

Foam mattress or tempurpedic mattress

With regard to the foam mattresses, it should be noted that there are three forms of foam. We have polyether foam (entry-level material), polyurethane foam (more comfortable, better density) and memory foam. The latter retains the heat produced by your body and offers a total relaxation of the muscles of the body for a peaceful and restful sleep.

An ergonomic mattress is supposed to be a mattress with physical characteristics that improves the comfort and position of the user. These characteristics are mainly based on the shape of the wave, its thickness, its density and its material.

You have just discovered the three big mattress families you can find on the market. It should be noted that these three families have some criteria in common. It is therefore taking into account these that you will make your choice.

Cheap memory foam mattress for back pain-Affordable and High quality!

Usually back Pain is felt in the back that generally originates from the nerves, bones, muscles, joints or other parts in spine. This pain can be divided into upper back pain, neck pain, tailbone pain or lower back pain. It may emerge suddenly or can be constant or can be chronic pain or can be stay in one place or give out to other areas. It may be a sharp or burning sensation, or a dull ache. Back Pain can be either chronic or acute in nature. Most of the acute back pain that causes to the trauma to the lower back or a disorder like arthritis. They can resolve problem with Cheap Foam matters for back pain.

Following are the symptoms for a serious problem that require treatment:

  1.        Fever
  2.        Problem in bowel
  3.        Bladder problem
  4.        Pain occurs after a fall or an injury.
  5.        Sever back pain that doesn’t improve with medicines and rest.

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Box-spring Bed: Is it worth?

The term “Box-spring” is not a registered trademark. As a result, some beds could look like box-spring beds without having the real characteristics. In this case, the feeling of absolute comfort of the originals will disappear. The box-spring beds, or otherwise called continental beds, is the real fashion of the moment. Born in America and already widely used in Northern Europe, they are gaining more and more popularity. With their particular raised structure they bring into your room all the luxury of a five-star hotel, allowing you to sleep heavenly dreams.

5 things to know about a box-spring bed

Depending on the feeling of comfort needed, you can decide the types of mattresses and the different combinations to be adopted. The choice is subjective and depends on everyone’s preferences.

  • Beware of imitations. Make sure it is a real box-spring structure.
  • Find the advantages compared to the good old bed with wooden slats.
  • Decide whether or not to opt for a topper.
  • Choose your ideal hardness degree.
  • Identify the type of mattress and the combinations best suited to you.

Single and double mattresses for box-spring beds

There are box-spring beds of all sizes, from single to double. The most common sizes are 120 x 200 cm, 140 x 200 cm, 160 x 200 cm, 180 x 200 cm and 200 x 200 cm. For larger beds, you can also decide whether to use a double mattress or two single mattresses as a second mattress.


The latex topper is the softest support among all. Like cold foam, it is ergonomic and self-modelling and supports the body’s curves naturally. A dense network of ventilation channels ensures continuous transpiration, which limits the onset of mold or bacteria. If you sleep on your side, the latex topper will support perfectly the shoulders and the lumbar area. Choose it if you are sensitive to heat and love soft surfaces. Avoiding discomfort sleep on bed, the mattressprevents you from back pain, thus this mattress makes the beds best bed for side sleepers.

Cold foam

Cold foam is an elastic and resilient material, which means that it is able to resume the original conformation after each type of pressure. Therefore, it is also suitable for all those who prefer to sleep on a more compact surface. The cold foam, unlike viscose, has a pore structure that regulates moisture and makes it highly breathable.

Which type of mattress is best for you.

Nowadays, there is a presence of wide varieties and types of mattresses in the market. People get confused which mattress to buy for a healthier sleep or comfort and support. For reaching a decision, it is important that you are fully aware of the different types of mattresses and their pros and cons. May it be a memory foam mattress or pocket sprung mattress, the suitability of every person can’t be the same.

Confused among memory foam, latex, open coil, pocket sprung or continuous coil mattress? Don’t panic, there nothing to be worried about. How do you know which is the best? Every mattress has its own pros and cons. Take a look at the same and then finalize your purchase decision.

Normally, the mattress is classified into four types. Some of the manufacturers make more than one type and every type of mattress passes through the different manufacturing process and has different costs of each. Price could be high but this is a one-time investment which needs to be the best.

Every mattresses is manufactured with different substances focusing more on some particular comfort. Some of the mattresses are ranked as ‘best mattresses 2018.’

Firstly, there is the ‘Pocket sprung mattress.’In the making of a pocket sprung mattress, the springs of the mattress are stitched into solitary fabric pockets.Pocket sprung mattresses are in high demand in the market and much preferable than other mattresses.

Memory foam mattress briefed as memory mattress are the mattresses that comprise of a layer of temperature fragile material, commonly known as memory foam. They are a classic mattress having a high cost.

Among all of the bed mattresses, continuous coil mattress is a cheaper one. They are the mattresses which are manufactured from an isolated loop wire. Open coil mattress is also easy to fit in the budget and is not much expensive. They comprise isolated springs rooted jointly with a single wire.

One of the most preferred and highly demanded mattresses is a latex mattress. It is manufactured by layers of springy latex. It is one of an expensive mattress among all types of mattresses. But they are highly durable and resilient.